Skiers Get Their Own Social Network

americaskiing.jpgOn with the explosion of the social networking craze. And what do you know? The latest group to join the social networking bandwagon is would you believe skiers and skateboarders.

Ski Bums, board junkies, first time skiers and snow sports enthusiasts are all welcome to join‘s social networking community, aptly called the Lodge. So, if are anyone of the “snow people” I mentioned awhile ago, you are most welcome to join AmericaSkiing’s social community. AmericaSkiing’s Lodge combines the networking power and capabilities of popular social networking sites, with the niche focus of people immersed in the ski/snow sports industry.

Like any other social networking sites or communities you can pretty much do a lot of things at AmericaSkiing’s Lodge such as:

  • upload photos,
  • create your own skiing clubs,
  • share videos
  • poll your friends on the latest mountain hot spots,
  • chat,
  • start a blog

AmericaSkiing offers vast information on the latest information of jet ski gear and other outdoor gear, research on ski resorts, clubs and events, skiing and snowboarding videos. The site currently has two million visitors. You would definitely meet other snow sports enthusiasts from this number of visitors.

So, how do you become a member? It’s not as hard as learning the skiing sports itself. All you have to do is sign up.