Nextstop’s Sjogreen Helps Fill Facebook CTO Taylor’s Old Position on Platform

Continuing Facebook’s tradition of acquiring and quickly moving up talent, it appears that Carl Sjogreen, a former Google product manager who came to the company through its purchase of online travel guide Nextstop, is taking over many of CTO Bret Taylor’s old responsibilities running the platform.

Sjogreen, who led Google Calendar and helped the company build up its presence in Australia and New Zealand, has taken over management of platform products (although Taylor is still involved in the direction of platform in his role as CTO). Already, Sjogreen has helped lead the launch of the company’s partnership with startup incubator YCombinator last week, where Facebook will provide design and technical resources to the early stage venture firm’s newest companies.

Facebook has long had a history of buying and incorporating talent. Blake Ross, who came to the company through Parakey, its first acquisition, most recently led the launch of Questions. Bret Taylor, who arrived when Facebook bought FriendFeed last year, became director of platform products and then was promoted to chief technology officer this year. Sam Odio became the new product manager for photos shortly after Facebook bought his YCombinator-incubated startup Divvyshot earlier this year.

The social network’s approach to mergers and acquisitions is unique in that it prizes the people in a target company above the products or technology it might have. It’s a strategy that Google seems to be copying in its most recent acquisitions of Slide and Angstro, which have brought on Max Levchin and Rohit Khare in its effort to slow Facebook’s growing influence.

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