Six Languages Appear on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

This week’s list of list of emerging games on Facebook, defined as those still under a million monthly active users, is particularly cosmopolitan: besides English, it includes apps in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Turkish. If the list were a couple entries longer, it would also include Arabic and Chinese apps.

Here’s the full AppData list of 20:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Trivias Locas – Trivias, encuestas y tests 695,120 +341,342 +96.48
2. Best Match 451,051 +336,721 +294.52
3. Chase Community Giving 858,932 +318,166 +58.84
4. qui veut faire un bébé avec vous? 356,643 +203,173 +132.39
5. Seni Kimler Takip Ediyor? 195,696 +190,297 +3,524.67
6. Zoo Kingdom 807,159 +190,154 +30.82
7. World Cup 2010 Jersey 326,001 +183,224 +128.33
8. HootSuite 243,511 +170,134 +231.86
9. Was ist dein Talent? 207,536 +157,985 +318.83
10. Profile Picture Analyzer! 523,602 +147,953 +39.39
11. Wer oft Blick auf meine Fotos? 211,380 +140,245 +197.15
12. Social Ratings 199,137 +122,919 +161.27
13. amico di oggi 342,767 +116,320 +51.37
14. Nike Future 153,292 +106,546 +227.93
15. Sweet World 612,437 +105,361 +20.78
16. QuizBone 882,571 +102,276 +13.11
17. Maya Pyramid 306,735 +99,285 +47.86
18. sProphet 322,254 +97,301 +43.25
19. Chi ha voglia di baciarti? 258,505 +96,576 +59.64
20. Welcome Tab for pages 836,140 +95,939 +12.96

Trivias Locas – Trivias, encuestas y tests is the latest Spanish-language app to take off. It’s a quiz creator, but instead of the usual anything-goes subject matter, it’s focused on trivia.

At number two, Best Match gives busybodies a way to make virtual matches between friends, with automatic wall sharing of the results; the developer is listed as VeenX. It’s followed by Chase Community Giving, a long-lived philanthropy app that asks its users to choose the best recipient for charity.

Diving back into the foreign language apps, qui veut faire un bébé avec vous? is a quiz, of sorts: the title translates to, intimidatingly, “Who wants to make a baby with you?”. Seni Kimler Takip Ediyor?, the Turkish-language app, is a profile analyzer — a concept apps in other languages than English seem to get away with, although Facebook aggressively policed most English-language analyzers out of existence some time back. By the way, the growth in these foreign-language apps reflects Facebook’s broader international growth, which we track in depth at Inside Facebook Gold.

Skipping down past Zoo Kingdom, which we talk about in more depth this morning at Inside Social Games, we find World Cup 2010 Jersey, which seems to be trying to brand itself as an official FIFA app — although we doubt it is. We recently covered the very similar 2010 World Cup Jersey, which brought in some 10 million MAU in the space of days.