Six Distinct Personalities Send Tweets On Valentine’s Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

We bet you’ll tweet something about Valentine’s Day on Thursday or on the days surrounding it. Maybe you’ll tweet something gushy or something depressing – and MANY of you will be tweeting about how it’s “just another day.” (It isn’t.)

Regardless of your love/hate/indifference for the day though, we’re pretty sure you’ll have something to say – and that you’ll say it on Twitter. And we know WHAT you’ll say too, because there are six distinct personalities sending these tweets.

You are not unique, Valentine.

Did you know there were more than 600K twitter conversations last year about Valentine’s Day? According to the folks at SDL, a company that enables businesses to engage with global customers, not only were there a crazy amount of tweets sent, more than 3,400 couples got engaged on Twitter!?

Whaa? I’ll be watching for that one on Thursday.

How did the folks at SDL figure this out? Using their social media monitoring tool called SDL SM2, of course. It can scan 60 billion posts from 250 million sources, with 5-year historical data backup to deeply benchmark/analyze customer behavior.

You’ll note that 62% of Valentine’s Day conversation happened on Twitter, for example. The SDL SM2 crawled 250 million social sources (Twitter, Facebook, forums, blogs) to determine what was being said where.

And beyond the stats, they realized there are six clearly distinct personalities tweeting on/around Valentine’s Day. So check out the personalities they’ve identified below and just try to deny that one describes you. Then tweet that lie out so your mom sees it.

(Bird with rose image from Shutterstock)