Sirius and XM Merger Inches Closer to Completion

Speaking of endless mergers, Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio are one step closer to finally completing their merger. As reports, FCC chairman Kevin Martin has indicated that he would support the deal announced back in March—the next step is for Martin “to call for the remaining members of the FCC to vote on it this week.”

On the face of it, it may seem like the two major satellite radio competitors merging would create a monopoly and stifle innovation. But as the report points out, satellite radio as a whole is competing against terrestrial radio, portable music players like the iPod, navigation systems such as from Garmin that also play MP3s, and the mobile music market in its various incarnations (streamed music, over-the-air downloads, and MP3 playback).

In other words, let’s get this thing done already. It’s a royal pain to have to choose between the two services anyway. (Imagine having to choose between cable providers, each of which had exclusive rights to certain TV channels you wanted.)