Siri Personal Assistant App for iPhone 3GS Powered by Nuance Speech Technology

Speaking of Frank McPherson (see previous blog announcement item): He wrote about a new iPhone 3GS (3GS-only it appears) app named Siri that got a lot of attention last week…

Turn Your iPhone Into A Personal Assistant

Siri lets you speak a question (such as “nearest gas station”) and will then direct you to or initiate a voice call to an appropriate nearby business. If you are like me, you probably wondered how this developer came out of nowhere with a useable speech recognition component. Well, it turns out it came from a well-known long time player in the game: Nuance. Here’s the announcement in their Dragon Mobile Apps blog…

Need a Personal Assistant? Check Out the New Siri App for iPhone Featuring Speech Recognition from Nuance

If you want to learn more about Nuance’s mobile speech recognition technology, you can listen to a podcast I recorded with Nuance Sr. VP Michael Thompson in December 2009. We spoke about the then new Dragon Dictation for iPhone app (embedded player below).

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