The Sims FreePlay Updated with Wizards for Halloween

The Sims FreePlay HalloweenSome magic has come to the world of EA’s The Sims FreePlay on mobile, as this year’s Halloween update is now available to download on iOS, Android and Amazon devices. This update comes along with a new store, new pets and new hobbies for players to enjoy during this spookiest time of the year. There’s even a new storyline here, as players must earn the help of Sim Town’s resident wizard, who will help them save the neighborhood from “impending doom.”

After this update has been downloaded, users Level 8+ are encouraged to build the Sorcerous Supplies store to unlock “a magical world of content.” This includes haunting new furniture pieces and the Book of Spells quest. This store is available to players whose towns have at least 15 Sims, and costs 325,000 Simoleons. The store takes over two and a half days to construct, but must be built in order to unlock the bulk of this update’s content. If you’re having trouble finding the build spot, look just east of the dam on your town map.The Sims FreePlay DragonThis update includes the new Spell Casting hobby, which unlocks access to a pet owl. In addition, users can soar through the air thanks to the Broomstick Flying hobby, which can be unlocked after users have completed the Spell Casting hobby. Specifically, users must complete the Spell Casting hobby and wait “until the witching hour” on Halloween to unlock the Broomstick Flying hobby.

Players can hatch their own pet dragon, dress their Sims up in new Wizard costumes, and will even receive new items each day leading up to Halloween, with this part of the festivities ramping up on October 25.

The Sims FreePlay is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.