Significant Changes Await Apps on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Quiz Planet is still on the rise, leading up this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users just as it did the Monday monthly active user list. But this CrowdStar app may be shrinking soon, as the changes that Facebook announced yesterday to app discovery could significantly impact non-game apps that spread through wall posts.

We’ve heard that some quiz apps enjoy much of their growth through direct invites between users, which would significantly mitigate the impact. But there are multiple quiz types, each with their own potential problems from Facebook’s changes. Friend Facts™, for instance, relies on wall posts between users to spread, a channel that Facebook said would mostly close. This may be the last week we see it on our top 20 lists.

We’ll have more analysis on the potential impacts later this morning. In the meantime, here’s the list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1.Original Quiz Planet949,356+506,633+114%
2.Original FarmVille17,872,226+474,339+3%
3.Original Texas HoldEm Poker6,195,504+427,949+7%
4.Original Frases Diarias846,784+422,429+100%
5.App_2_90376669494_1016 Yahoo!2,243,478+301,621+16%
6.Original Windows Live Messenger5,092,750+281,626+6%
7.Original Café World4,753,385+244,394+5%
8.Original Mafia Wars Game4,242,515+231,654+6%
9.Original Happy Pets1,252,445+192,315+18%
10.Original Treasure Isle3,805,755+190,748+5%
11.Original Millionaire City1,716,187+184,096+12%
12.Original Restaurant City2,615,544+183,664+8%
13.Original 開心魚塘224,314+152,980+214%
14.Original Give Hearts971,612+148,070+18%
15.App_2_51254684277_9914 Friend Facts™251,099+121,655+94%
16.Original Phrases4,335,735+115,874+3%
17.Original Monster World650,044+104,091+19%
18.App_2_122353571139137_4163 The Price Is Right Game314,838+84,303+37%
19.App_2_72687635881_8108 Samsung Mobile695,248+79,843+13%
20.Original Zoo Paradise665,162+79,429+14%

Yahoo! has made an appearance this week, although its app is still basically just a set of visual bookmarks to various Yahoo properties. Its DAU is slightly higher than a month ago, but the app’s user numbers have been fairly volatile in between, so it’s hard to tell whether it’s really growing.

Windows Live Messenger, on the other hand, is definitely still growing. By DAU, it’s now the fifth-largest app on Facebook, with over five million DAU. Microsoft has millions more users who could potentially use the Facebook-instant messenger hookup, so it may not stop there.

And looking way down to number 19, it’s worth noting that Samsung Mobile is on its way up, with 2.3 million monthly actives and almost 700,000 DAU. That makes for a lower percentage of daily users than other mobile apps have still seen, but Samsung’s new Android devices are still fairly new to the market, so the numbers could change.