Should You Pitch to Dr. Oz’s New Women’s Magazine?

shutterstock_144522389Oh hey: a brand-new publication from Hearst will soon hit newsstands, offering “diet, health and fitness tips” to American women!

Wait, why are you yawning? This one involves Dr. Oz!

Capital New York tells us that Dr. Oz The Good Life will include plenty of the doctor’s signature clinical recommendations as well as his “wellness-minded approaches to finance.”

So how will The Good Life differ from pretty much every other magazine out there? The King of TMI himself explains:

“We didn’t want to baby women…[or treat them like] they’re going to break if we tell them what’s really going on.”

Ah, OK. So while beauty products will provide most of the advertisements in the mag’s first issue this February, it still looks like the doctor will save plenty of room for whatever pseudo-scientific snake oil he’s hawking at the moment.

Oz (real name Mehmet Cengiz Öz) clarified:

“I won’t be hesitant to make suggestions that aren’t yet proven by medicine just because certain areas haven’t been fully explored by science.”

Fascinating. Has he heard of Herbalife? It’s directly related to his favorite topic.