Should Obit Writers Get Credit?

Deb Howell made an effort this week to explain the mysteries behind the Post’s obit writing and policies. Now, today, a letter-writer, Rockville’s Walter Shropshire, Jr., wants to see the obit writers get more of their due, namely bylines:

“I suggest that because the obituary staff are writers, The Post should place initials after the obituaries to indicate whose work is being read. To add such a byline — e.g., ‘YSL’ for Yvonne Shinhoster Lamb after my father’s obituary — would have taken little space, would be informative to the reader and would give credit where it is due.”

So how about it? Or is it the obit writer’s choice to toil forever in obscurity?

> A reader emails in: “The two Baltimore Sun obit writers, Jacques Kelly and Fred Rasmussen, are both bylined every day, and much-beloved in the community as a result.”