Should Digital Travel Guides Reflect Current Events?

Lonely Planet released a new series of guide books in iBooks this month and as part of the launch, the company is giving away the title Best of Travel 2011, until June 14th.

I downloaded the book and was perusing it’s Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2011 and was struck when I saw Japan and Syria on the list. After all, Japan is still facing concerns of radiation from its post-earthquake nuclear problems and Syria is in the headlines for protests against it’s tyrannical regime. Both countries have travel warnings on the State Department’s website (Japan’s warning is specific to the nuclear reactor area, while Syria’s warning is more widespread).

Japan is a lovely country, I visited for the first time this past December, and though I’ve never been, I am sure that Syria has some lovely sights to see. But neither place seems like a “Top Country to visit in 2011,” as the book suggests. Maybe they were nine months ago when the editors at Lonely Planet were putting together the book together, but not now in 2011.

If this were a print title, it wouldn’t bother me, but because it is an eBook (and a recently released eBook for that matter), I’d like to see it updated. Do you think that expectations change for an eBook? What does this mean for publishers, who may already be working on their best of travel guides in 2012?