Shoto Introduces ‘Album Match’ for Sharing Photos With Friends on iOS

Shoto recognizes when friends have taken pictures at the same event, and allows users to share those pictures with one another.

Shoto has released the latest version of its app on iOS and Android, which allows users to share photos with their friends, and combines their friends’ photos with their own into the proper albums. The Version 5.0 update includes an ‘overhauled design’ for the app, and introduces Album Match, a new feature for identifying photos users may wish to share.

With Album Match, the Shoto app recognizes which friends were with a user when taking pictures at a particular location, and creates an ‘album match’ for combining each user’s photos from the same event into a single album. Once a match has been identified, users request access to their friends’ photos by tapping on their avatars. When a friend approves the request, the original user receives the friend’s photos instantly.

The app also features an ‘album completeness’ progress bar on each album, which indicates whether or not the album could potentially contain more content from friends. That is, the progress bar indicates when there are additional photos from an event that friends have yet to share.

Elsewhere, the update includes a redesigned Library, which provides a timeline of a user’s own photos, and those their friends have shared with them. Users can search their Library to find content. Finally, new icons on photos quickly tell users if those photos are private, shared or public.

Shoto CEO Sachin Dev Duggal told SocialTimes:

Shoto 5 is our big push in truly letting you get the photos you didn’t take. Whilst others sell you on this fear of missing out, you always end up getting a sharing app that doesn’t really get you the photos from friends. Our Album Match technology precisely tells you who has photos and let’s you ask for them by a single tap. All the photos pool into a single album.

Shoto is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.