Shorten Links On A Smartphone

Some people avoid shortened URLs because it can be difficult to see where you are being redirected to, but if you want to share any web pages on Twitter, you pretty much have to use a URL shortening service. is one of the most popular of the URL shortening services, and it has just released a mobile web site that enables you to easily create and share shortened URLs from a smartphone.
You don’t need to remember a special URL, just open in your mobile browser and you will see an input box to enter a URL. If you have an account with you can log in to access any of the previous URLS that you have shortened. A nice feature is that if your phone loses the connection to the Internet the web site saves the link you enter and then shortens it once the connection is restored. If you use I think you will find the mobile web site to be very handy and worth adding to the bookmarks in your mobile web browser.