ShopIgniter wants to make it OK for brands to post about products on Facebook

Social commerce company ShopIgniter this week announced Igniter 4.0, a platform aimed at helping retailers promote their products with rich posts that engage users and push them down the path to conversion.

ShopIgniter CMO Kevin Tate says Igniter aims to fill the gap in the social conversion funnel between awareness/discovery and e-commerce/in-store purchases. When retailers first got on Facebook, they tried to sell too hard and turned off users. Now they know engagement is important but they sometimes end up putting Likes, comments and shares ahead of business objectives.

Tate says companies need to create “more meaningful, deeper experiences with a product not just general engagement.”

“Nike can’t just say, ‘Usain Bolt won the 100. What shoe do you want?’”

Tate says there are opportunities for companies to talk about products on their pages if they do so in a compelling way. ShopIgniter strives to do this through rich, customizable posts like interactive video showcases or limited-time storefronts with exclusive offers.

Igniter has four components: Promoter, Studio, Converter and Analyzer. Promoter is a publishing tool to post to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Studio is where marketers can create simple web apps that allow users to experience products through Facebook Timeline, microsites and mobile devices. Converter manages Facebook permissions, email collection, shopping carts, wishlists and other features on the path to checkout. Analyzer tracks reach, engagement, social amplification, referrals and conversions.

Tate says this is ShopIgniter’s way of “casting a wider net” and helping retailers reach customers higher up in the purchase funnel, rather than focusing on the shopping side through tab applications, for example. He calls Igniter 4.0 an “end-to-end social promotion suite” with the added ability to publish to mobile and incorporate Open Graph actions.

ShopIgniter began in 2008, and raised $8 million in a series B round in 2011. Target, Nike, Disney, Omaha Steaks, Kaenon Polarized and others are customers.

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