Shop Your Way Through Flipboard

Popular mobile magazine Flipboard added a new “shopping” section to its apps Monday, including digital catalogs curated by retailers such as Banana Republic and eBay.

The shopping section includes 12 Flipboard curated catalogs with a range of products from pet items to kids’ toys to women’s clothing under cheeky names, such as “Pets Gazette” and “Minimalist Electronics.” A handful of celebrity curated catalogs, including one from designer Cynthia Rowley, and a batch of catalogs from seven retail partners–Banana, eBay, Fab, ModCloth, Birchbox, Etsy and Levi’s–round out the new section. The latter two had existing e-commerce partnerships with Flipboard.

The new feature also allows anyone to curate their own catalog or even a holiday wish list for the upcoming season to share among family and friends. You can do so simply by using the “Flip it” bookmarklet the company provides. Just drag it to your bookmarks bar and click away. “Love it. Flip it. Shop it,” the company tagline goes for the new feature. It feels very reminiscent of Pinterest where anyone can drag and drop items onto personal digital inspiration boards.

Brands will be able to create their own catalogs using the bookmarklet, or by upgrading to an advertising or premium option, Flipboard said.

Flipboard is available on iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch, as well as Android, Kindle Fire and Nook.

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