SheKnows, Endemol Partner on Women’s Web Series

Upstart women’s portal SheKnows has announced plans to launch an original Web series aimed at helping women endure the ongoing economic malaise through a partnership with the production company Endemol USA (Wipeout, Deal or No Deal).
The yet-to-be-named series, set to debut sometime in 2010, will be service-oriented in nature, aimed at helping women  save money without sacrificing too much of their current lifestyle. The show is inspired by Endemol’s recent similarly-themed Web series CouponMom, which provided tips on cutting costs on groceries, entertainment, restaurants and the like.
While specifics of the new SheKnows show are still being worked out, the series will be broader in nature than CouponMom, according to David Armour, Endemol USA’s vp of digital development. “There is currently a huge appetite for this type of content,” he said. “Infotainment series like this work extremely well, we’ve proved that. So we just said with this project, ‘let’s just make it bigger.’”
SheKnows reaches over three million unique users per month, according to Quantast, providing a strong platform to launch a series aimed at a broader female target. And most women have been touched by the rough economy in some way. “Within our community, there is a lot of buzz that the recession is over. But people are still feeling the pinch,” said Mike Dodge, evp of SheKnow’s parent company AtomicOnline. “Given the reality of the economy, women are thinking, ‘what can we do [to cut costs] without giving up what you love.”
SheKnows is actively searching for advertisers for the new series, added Dodge.