Share Your Contents Direct from PC to Social Networking Sites via FunCaster

Funcaster is a widget that lets you make your PC content available to various social networking sites and other web portals. Basically, it eliminates the need to upload your web contents such as photos, videos and other media on third-party servers just to share them with your social networks.

funcasterwidget.jpgInstead of uploading your contents to online servers which offer free hosting, Funcaster uses a desktop agent installed on PC with internet connection. From your PC you can embed the contents into various social networking sites of your choice. The Funcaster desktop agent also lets you designate only which part of your content is to be displayed via the FunCaster widget. You also have the option to turn on and off the display of your contents from the widgets anytime you like. FunCaster works with major social networking sites such as mySpace, Blogger, Yahoo 360, Microsoft Live Spaces among many other social networking sites.

If you worry about having your contents getting stolen from free content servers, then FunCaster is the answer to your need to share your contents without the need to upload them elsewhere on the web.

To get started with FunCaster and stary sharing contents from your PC, just do the following procedures:

  • Download the Funcaster Desktop Agent
  • Install the Funcaster Desktop Agent on your PC
  • Register a screename at Purplenova
  • Designate which files you want to share
  • Select which social networking sites you want your file to be displayed
  • You will be redirected to the site you chose and you have to sign-in to your account

From there follow your social networking sites procedures for installing widgets on your profile. Setting this up varies from one social networking site to another

Here’s a sample of the FunCaster in action. I selected an image from my PC and display it via FunCaster widget on Facebook.

There are many ways that you can use FunCaster, and as the widget’s name suggest, FunCaster is indeed, fun. FunCaster is a free web applications, try it now and have fun.