Share ‘Random Acts of Coffee’ With Nack, Just Launched on iOS & Android

According to tradition, the suspended coffee movement began more than 100 years ago in working-class cafés in Naples, Italy.

Mobile app company Kaneland has launched Nack on iOS and Android. The coffee gifting app encourages users to share ‘random acts of coffee’ by purchasing coffee for friends and strangers.

With Nack, users can send coffee to a specific contact by using PayPal to transfer $3, $5, or $7 into their account. Users need their contact’s phone number or email address to give them money. In addition, Nack can be used to leave ‘suspended coffees’ at coffee shops for others to redeem later on.

According to tradition, the suspended coffee movement began more than 100 years ago in working-class cafés in Naples, Italy. When someone had experienced good luck, they would order two cups of coffee, but leave one for someone less fortunate. With Nack, leaving a suspended coffee in a coffee shop allows another user to redeem it for free later on.

In a statement, Paul Haun, founder and CEO of Kaneland, commented:

Nack is more than a mobile gifting app—it is a social network built around the coffee experience. It is designed to facilitate thoughtful acts that can be expressed effortlessly as part of the average person’s daily routine and lifestyle. Getting a cup of coffee and enjoying it with friends and co-workers is an important social ritual. Suspending a cup of coffee for a stranger is an easy gesture that fulfills peoples’ desire to have a positive impact on the world.

Nack can be downloaded and used by consumers anywhere, but its ‘demonstration market’ is Kaneland’s home state of Rhode Island. A Rhode Island-based coffee shop chain, Brewed Awakenings, has partnered with Kaneland and integrated its stores’ backend menu and payment system with Nack. This allows users to redeem coffee gifts at its locations by showing app-generated coupons at the register.

Haun added:

We are looking to disrupt the coffee market by introducing a social aspect that enables anyone to purchase and share coffee at anytime from anywhere. We see the fast-growing integration of mobile payments in the business models of today’s coffee shops, and feel Nack will be influential and widely adopted by chains and independent retailers alike.

Nack also provides independent coffee shops and smaller chains with the technology backbone for an app that will promote and advance their business, thus leveling the playing field with bigger players in the market. The feedback we are getting in our discussions with coffee retailers and other potential partners has been very positive.

Nack is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.