Share Photos Privately With Sidebark App

Want to share photos and videos with your closest personal friends and family, and not every person that you’ve ever known? There is a new app available to help you do so called Sidebark.

Sidebark bills itself as the “private, personal, and free way to share photos and videos with your family and friends.” Rather than trying to access your Facebook or Twitter account, the app taps into your email account and analyzes your most common contacts and groups of friends.

Based on your communications, the app will help you build lists and make suggestions for contacts to add in a particular mailing. For example, if you often email your mother and your brother in the same conversation, the app will suggest you add your brother if you begin an email to your mother.

TechCrunch has more about how the company came about: “Sidebark’s co-founder David Cho, a Harvard Business School grad (and dad) who left his comfortable job at Bain & Company to build the app with longtime PayPal engineer and manager Nick Stanev, tells me that only 50 billion of the 350 billion photos taken in 2011 were actually shared. ‘The ~50B is from cobbling together a bunch of data sources,’ he explains, ‘but the biggest numbers come directly from Facebook (~40B photos shared) and Google+ (~3.5B shared). Once you start adding up the rest of the services (Flickr, Instagram, etc.) you pretty quickly start to converge on 50 billion,’ he explains.”