Share Photos & Audio Recordings In One With StoryMark App

With Instagram you can share photos. With SoundCloud, you can share audio recordings. With StoryMark, you can share both. StoryMark is a new iPhone app that lets users record audio tracks to go with photos and then share them with their friends.

“People take photos to document a place and time but the story that goes along with the photo is usually only kept in the mind of the photo taker and those involved,” Dale McIntyre, president and co-founder of StoryMark told AppNewser. “Letting people share a story with audio not only truly adds the story to the photo but it also lends emotion with the sound of a voice that can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

Like with Instagram, you can either use the app to take a photo or take an existing photo from your library or elsewhere. But then you can use the app to record a message. All of these “storymarked” images can be shared via SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

McIntyre said that it made sense as an app because nowadays most people use their phones as cameras. “It made sense to be able to enhance the photo directly from the phone,” he said. “Releasing it as a mobile app also allowed us to keep the security of the users photos in their own hands. The photos do not have to go to our servers to be created.”