Mafia is SGN's Latest Accelerometer Game for iPhone

Another iPhone accelerometer game from SGN is being released this weekend. SGN’s Mafia: Respect & Retaliation is kind of reminiscent of Sin City, thanks to the 3D graphics and location-based game play. You participate by completing “jobs” in optional real-world locations, including The Empire State Building, Central Park Zoo, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Miami Seaquarium, or the Houston Museum of Natural Science, which is an interesting way of incorporating physical locations with game play. Aside from these set game locations, players can also play based on their own locations around the globe.

The good thing about this location-based game is that it’s social, which is an important feature that SGN has been incorporating into some of its more recent games. The social aspect of Mafia in particular could really add to the appeal of this game. With social features, players can compete these real-world tasks against local players, or challenge their friends. There’s also the option of playing against other users based on their geographic location around the world.

In adding this social layer, SGN continues to build a user-centric network around its games, broadening the appeal and the usability of each new release it has. Seeing as Apple hasn’t made its mobile devices entirely social on its own accord, third parties with their own network approach have been able to leverage the permeation of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch in order to expand their products, services and advertising.