SFpark iPhone App Provides Real-time Information About Parking in San Francisco

Finding a parking space is often a nightmare experience in large densely populated cities. San Francisco’s SFpark project has the goal of having at least one open parking space per block. It will attempt to do this by adjusting parking rates dependng on usage rate. Heavily used parking areas will have rates adjusted upwards to discourage parking for long periods of time while underused areas will have their parking rates adjusted down to encourage people to use parking there.

Mayor Lee Launches SFpark Project

The free SFpark app for the iPhone and iPad provides access to sensors placed in parking spots installed as part of the federally funded SFpark project. These sensors tell you how many parking spots are currently available and the general availability of parking in lots. Since empty parking spots are often snagged within seconds of availability, my guess is that the general availability information is the more useul piece of information since it provides a kind of statistical estimate of general parking availability in that area.

The SFpark project provides real-time parking information in these 8 pilot areas:

– Marina
– Fisherman’s Wharf
– Fillmore
– Financial District
– Civic Center
– Hayes Valley
– SoMa
– Mission

Via The New York Times: Now, to Find a Parking Spot, Drivers Look on Their Phones

SFpark Overview from SFpark on Vimeo.