Sex Workers Find AirBnB Convenient and Inexpensive

airbnbAirBnB rental units are being used by sex workers, who cite the service as inexpensive, convenient, and lacking in surveillance when compared to typical hotels. This may very well surprise no one, but it’s particularly hard to swallow for AirBnB hosts who are not aware of the brothel-like conditions.

The story in the New York Post came after Air Teman, an AirBnB host who complained about coming home to police shutting down a sex party for “Big Beautiful Women.” Teman said, “There were all sorts of people walking out of my apartment and people coming in from the back yard. It was a huge mess.” One party-goer even shared the event on Twitter as a “XXX FREAK FEST.”

As long as AirBnB is easy and cheap, it will continue to be used for parties, sex, and/or any other type of event where beds are being rented. For its part, AirBnB have done a small bit of damage control by helping tenants when trouble comes up, but it’s a problem that’s not going to go away easily for the young company.