Several Tweaks Giving Users More Control Over the New Home Page Now Live

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it would be making several updates to the new home page based on user feedback. Tonight, some of those updates are now live:

1. Hiding all updates from any application. Before the update, users could only hide particular friends from the home page stream. Now, users can hide all shared content from any particular application. This means users are now able to hide updates from apps that they feel are “clogging” their home page too much.

2. Creating friend lists from the home page. Now, users can create friend lists (and thus stream filters) directly from the home page.

3. Invitations and requests are back on the top right. This should increase conversion of both application invitations and friend requests.

Facebook announced several additional updates yesterday, including live stream updates without refreshing the page, improving the quality and recency of Highlights, and adding friends tagged in photos to the stream. However, those updates were not part of today’s push.

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