SessionM hypes Glu partnership success

Image via SessionM

“Everything starts with an active audience.”

Those are the words of SessionM co-founder and CEO Lars Albright as he breaks down the success of his company’s new partnership with Glu Mobile.

SessionM, a loyalty and rewards platform for mobile applications, is teaming with Glu on games like Frontline Commando: D-Day, Zombies Ate My Friends, and Deer Hunter 2014 to increase gamer engagement by providing digital currency called mPOINTS to users for doing everything from clearing a level to simply checking in on a daily basis. These mPOINTS can then be redeemed in the SessionM storefront for real world value like gift cards or the ability to make a charitable donation.

And the results of the SessionM integration have been extremely impressive, with 40-percent of Glu gamers actively earning mPOINTS, claiming 4 million mPOINTS in the process. In addition, 80-percent of Glu gamers who make an in-app purchase engage with mPOINTS, not to mention SessionM’s impressive 16-percent rich media ad click-through rate with the games, compared to just a 3-percent industry average.

“If you don’t have an active audience, you can’t build a business, it’s that simple,” says Albright. “The download is irrelevant. Can you get sustained, active users? Then once you get that, there are different creative ways to monetize them, and that’s really what we help our partners do.

“Glu is integrating our platform, and what’s happing is the users are signing up for our rewards solution. This is causing their casual users to be more active, while rewarding your most active users, driving increased retention and engagement. We have a creative way to monetize and deliver brand messages, helping users not only get to their rewards faster, but deliver ads that the users really like.”

In-app purchases have increased in the Glu games featuring the SessionM SDK by up to four times, proving that the platform is helping drive sales important to the gaming company.

“We’re also seeing very high engagement rates with the brand experiences, with over 70-percent of the people opting in to interact with the brand message,” says Albright. “These are typically in the form of video, a survey, or mini-game, but we are getting a very large percentage of people to interact with those, then they are going in and redeeming rewards.

“We started working with Glu on one title, and we had such success both on the engagement and monetization front, that they said, ‘This is incredible, let’s expand it out across more games.’ So that’s the process we’re in now. We have a great partnership with them, and with each game we add, the partnership grows.”