New Services Enable Fans to Pay Creators Directly

Services like ChangeTip, Subbable and Patreon demonstrate that consumers are willing to pay digital creators for their craft.


The Internet is a massive revenue-generating machine, but without content, the whole model falls apart. Creative people can participate in revenue sharing on YouTube, but it’s a fairly limited way to make money. New services like ChangeTip aim to enable fans to pay creators directly.

ChangeTip is a bitcoin payment system that provides “A love button for the Internet,” which allows people to tip their favorite creators through a variety of social networks. All the fans have to do is mention another user, @changetip and a dollar amount to “tip” someone for a job well done. The service is fee-free, and already works on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Github and YouTube.

ChangeTip is just one service indicative of the fact that content consumers are becoming more willing to support the content they love directly, rather than just passively watching ads or clicking like/share buttons. Other services include Patreon, which enables users to tip every time their favorite creators release content, and Subbable, which allows users to pay for original YouTube content.

“Audiences don’t pay for things because they’re forced to, but because they care about the stuff that they love and want it to continue to grow,” says Subbable co-creator Hank Green in a video about the service. As more avenues of support open up and they become rapidly well-funded by both fans and investors, it’s becoming clear that fans have a desire to pay their entertainers directly.

The Internet has become increasingly important to modern economics, from huge advertising networks to individual users paying individual creators to make videos, produce web comics and more. The goal for ChangeTip is to streamline the process of fans paying creators, in the same way that Subbable, Patreon and Kickstarter do. And in doing so, these services demonstrate that fans will truly pay for what they love, without the middleman of advertising.

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