Seriously Guys, This Is Getting A Little Ridiculous


We swear we in no way set this up to be a day about plagiarism just so we could get to the Mommy-Do-You-Love-Me-Now edition of the House and Home Roundup which, for now, since it’s the theme, is going to focus only on one Currents. Ours. There is an ice cream factory in Chinatown, and one in Nolita. The one in Nolita claims to be owned by the same people as the one in Chinatown. Guess what. It isn’t. Some intra-family drama explains some of it, but basically Nolita stole Chinatown’s green dragon logo. And Chinatown’s pissed. And Nolita won’t return calls. And the Times wouldn’t let us force them into a neighbourhood celebrity ice cream deathmatch but we’re just reveling in our imagination’s potential.

We have big dreams for this small town.