Sensationalistic Headline Ahead: Maine Wants Cell Phone Brain Cancer Warning Labels (hmm)

Don’t you love sensationalistic headlines like this onee from the Associated Press? (via Yahoo! Tech)…

Maine to consider cell phone cancer warning

In this case, the entire state of Maine is actually one Maine legislator, Rep. Andrea Boland, who introduced a bill to require cell phones to have warnings that they can cause brain cancer (even though there is no definitive evidence for such a causal relationship).

I’m as concerned as anyone (perhaps a bit more) about the possibility that the radios in cell phones could have negative health effects. However, I haven’t seen definitive evidence that it does. That said, it doesn’t hurt to learn a bit more about what cell phone SAR (Specific Absorbtion Rate) values are and what they may mean to you in relation to the radio frequency (RF) emitted by all cell phones.

Three potentially useful references on this topic are found at:

CNET: Cell phone radiation levels

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