Send private messages to a selected group of Twitter friends via GroupTweet

grouptweet.jpgYou’d know when a web application has made it big when third party developers start developing sub-application to an already useful application. Take the case of everybody’s favorite micro-blogging application Twitter and a new third party application Group Tweet which lets you send private messages to a your Twitter group.

We all know that you can directly send private messages to our individual Twitter friends, either thru email or SMS. But wouldn’t it be better if we can send private messages to a group of Twitter friends? Hats off to GroupTweet for allowing us to do this.

GroupTweet is a simple third party application that works with the Twitter API to allow Tweeters (or Tweeterers?) to send private messages to friends belonging into one group. That simple. No frills, no chills. It’s a pretty forward application that performs a pretty powerful task.
So, how do you do it? Just follow these simple steps:

1.) Create your groups’ Twitter account and set updates setting into “protected”,
2.) Register your group’s Twitter account at,
3.) Inform your Twitter group members about to follow the group’s Twitter account,
4.) Direct text the group Twitter account you created and everybody that follows it will receive your message as it gets published by GroupTweet.

Simple, eh? Now you can have your own private Twitter channel to communicate with your Twitter friends.

via [Web Worker Daily]