Send Photos, Videos from Your Sprint Phone to MySpace and Online Services

Sprint users would be glad to know that they can now upload photos and videos which they took using their Sprint mobile phones directly from their phone to various online services including MySpace, Photobucket and YouTube and other social media sites. This is definitely a good service would be most useful during the Holiday Season where picture-taking and video capturing would be higly in-demand during festivities.

Through Sprint’s Picture Mail service, you can now directly upload your digital photos and videos if your mobile phone belongs to around 30 Sprint phones which carry the said features. These phones include popular mobile handset including Samsung Instinct, LG Rumor, Sanyo Katana and MOTORAZR2.

The new feature was made possible with the use of the Verisign Xoomerang platform which enables users to easily capture and publish video and still images to those 30 online services. Although currently, the service is available only for MySpace, Photobucket and YouTube. But both Sprint and VeriSign promises to make the new service available to other sites as well.