Send eBooks & Documents Directly From Scribd to a Mobile Device – Android/Apple Apps Coming Soon

Scribd is an interesting but probably mostly unknown sharing site. Think of it as the YouTube for ebooks and (mostly) text-based documents. Those of you interested in sharing presentation slidedecks might want to look at SlideShare too. Scribd announced one ready-to-roll mobile feature and pre-announced Android and iPhone document reading apps for sometime in March (just in time for the iPad?)…

Scribd Goes Mobile, Launches new “Send-to-Device” feature for milions of docs

The feature available today lets you text (SMS) or email a document to your mobile phone. I selected Android as my target platform and the service provided a PDF or text file to email to an account of my choosing. Selecting a Kindle as the target resulted in the same two file type options.

Scribd cautions that it may take a while for the document to be emailed out. I haven’t received the PDF after waiting about 10 minutes. But, the service and document was free (Scribd also has for-fee documents/ebooks). So, I’ll be patient and report back on the complete process some other time.

UPDATE: After nine hours no PDF has showed up in my email. IMHO, this doesn’t work.

Via MediaPost: Scribd Makes Push Into Mobile