Sena Flip Case w/Belt Clip for 3G/3GS fits the iPhone 4 (video)

I still haven’t found an iPhone 4 case I like yet. However, I notcied that the Sena Dockable Case for the iPhone 3G/3GS ($49.99 retail price) fits the iPhone 4 reasonably well and provides some much needed protection. The case’s cutouts fit the iPhone 4’s
– Rear 5 megapixel camera
– Side mute switch
– Side volume up/down buttons
– Front-facing FaceTime camera
– Headset/microphone jack
– Bottom 30-pin connector
The iPhone 4’s camera flash is covered by the case. But, this is not surprising since the iPhone 3GS did not have a flash.
I don’t like the Sena’s belt clip. But, it is good enough for me to use until I find a case I really like. You can find a tour of the Sena case with an iPhone 4 in it in the embedded video above.