How To Sell Weed On Facebook

Typically we create guides to discuss how to build a fan base or attract more users to your application but I figured today would be a great day to explain how to distribute illicit drugs using Facebook! Alright, maybe that’s not what this article is completely about but apparently, “Some California pot sellers are misusing social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter for selling marijuana.”

A “Los Angeles-based non-profit medical-marijuana dispensary Artists Collective” has decided to start promoting their services through social media including the free delivery of marijuana orders. While Northern California versions of these pot selling collectives generate a profit, none of the companies will accept orders from out of state. So if you were looking for an easy way to get you kicks through Facebook, placing an order for some weed is probably not going to be the best way.

While we’ve reached out to Facebook, we haven’t heard anything back yet. I’ll be sure to update this post if we do hear from them. One company, the Artists Collective, has been promoting their business via Twitter. A random tweet from the company states, “Happy Tuesday! BB Kush, NY Soma, SD Strom, Forrest G, Green C all in stock, quarter purchase get one gram of RD Haze free. Free delivery.”

It’s an aggressive strategy but considering that their business is already pushing the limits, it’s not surprising to see this type of activity. If you plan on selling weed you may want to take the legitimate route and move out to California. Alternatively you can really push your luck and promote your illegal distribution business on Facebook, but we don’t recommend doing it.

We reached out to one anonymous weed dealer who said, “Yo man, I gotta keep myself on the down low homie. Moving above the radar on sites like Facebook is mad hot yo and that’s why I prefer to work through referrals. Are you a cop by the way?” Alright, maybe we didn’t actually speak to a weed dealer but we figured this is what one would say. If you are looking to sell weed on Facebook you may want to check out the strategy of companies like the Artists Collective.

Is selling weed on Facebook an activity that will be in your future?

Barry Schnitt of Facebook has provided us with the following statement: “We do not allow people to promote illegal activities on Facebook. Section 3.4 of the SRR states: You will not use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.

I’d add that people who use Facebook to co-ordinate illegal activities are fools. We will aid in the prosecution of people orchestrating illegal activities off of Facebook, such as in this case. We work hard to make Facebook a safe and secure environment, and we encourage users to report anything suspicious. We also include a specific tool for reporting drug-related content.”

I also replied looking for clarification about the example of the Twitter account and if they would ban it if the same activity took place on Facebook. I’ll be sure to update this once I hear back.

Update 2
Facebook has replied to our second question in which we asked if the Artists Collective created a Facebook group if they’d be banned. According to Facebook, “the group would be disabled and we might take further action against the admin accounts.”

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