Seesmic for Windows Phone 7 Twitter Client Announced: What’s With All the White Space?

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is many months away from delivery on an actual phone. But, Microsoft is trotting out partners at its MIX event in Las Vegas this week. Seesmic announced their Silverlight powered Windows Phone 7 Twitter app:

Announcing the Seesmic Desktop Platform and Seesmic for Windows Phone

It looks like Seesmic for Windows Phone will be able to display inline photos from photo sharing sites. That’s nice, but I sure hope Seesmic makes better use of screen real estate and shows more than 4 tweets per screen. Their current design includes an unnecessary amount of white space that will force users to scroll way too much to see a string of tweets.

Seesmic for Android is my favorite Android Twitter client. So, they have a good design model in-house to follow.