Seesmic for Blackberry Update Supports Retweets, Delete Tweet, Picture Preview and More

My experience with Seesmic’s Twitter clients varies on a platform-by-platform basis. Their old (abandoned?) Twhirl client acquired by Seesmic a few years ago is my favorite desktop Twitter client. This Adobe AIR based app runs on Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Unfortunately, development for it appears to have ceased last Fall (2009). I don’t like Seesmic Desktop at all. It takes up way too much desktop screen real estate. I could have sworn that there was an iPhone version. But, a quick check of the TeamSeesmic blog confirms that the iPhone version is not available yet. Seesmic for Android is my current favorite Twitter client for that platform. Although I’m not a BlackBerry user, the updated version for that platform looks like a good one too…

Seesmic for Blackberry – Updated: BIS-B Connection, Retweets, Picture Preview

New functions for Seesmic for Blackberry include:

– Support for retweeting
– Picture preview
– Google Map geotag location support for tweet viewing
– Ability to delete tweets
– Support for BIS-B mobile Internet network