Seesmic 1.1 for Android Twitter Client Looks Like a Keeper So Far

I’m a huge fan of Seesmic’s twhirl Adobe Air based Twitter client. However, I’ve never really been interested in their Seesmic Desktop or Seesmic for iPhone apps. And, my earlier test of Seesmic for Android left me unenthusiastic as well. However, the Seesmic 1.1 for Android update looks like a winner so far…

Seesmic for Android: Now with Search, Lists & More!

And, it’s not a matter of simply adding new features like:

– Twitter search
– Twitter list support
– Ability to easily share links, photos, and videos from various sources
– Ability to change font sizes

There’s some overall factor, perhaps fit-and-finish and a good looking user interface, that makes it a simple to use but powerful Twitter client for Android devices. I’m definitely planning to play with it more over the next few days. So far, it looks like a “keeper”.