SEEN: A New Way to Follow News As Trending Social Posts

News aggregation sounds like a hashtag sniffing robot on Twitter – and now you can have a piece of that statistical action with Seen, a web app that sniffs out the top news stories from your social media feeds. As one of the first companies selected by the New York Times incubator, Timespace, the start-up is on the verge of making something very useful out of noisy social feeds.

Seen’s mission is to connect people more deeply to the world and our collective stories by making events visible and their stories permanent. We reconstruct stories from their social data. Still in beta, the heart of Seen is an engine that automatically builds visual cards and timelines of events.

To create the robots, Seen’s algorithm tracks real world events on social media, mostly Twitter, and brings stories to users online with its photo cards.  When the Make a Wish Foundation brought Batkid to San Francisco, Seen’s robots gathered nearly 300,000 posts in its story timelines with videos, images, and tweets. Other stories like Banksy’s visit to New York also caused a major traffic spur to the site.