See the Actual Size of Things

My little sister is in the market for a big ‘ol TV. As you already probably know, a 46″ space won’t necessarily fit a 46″ TV (the size is measured diagonally).

From flat screens to iPods to cell phones, it’s not often you come across images that are ‘actual size.’ New Web site Pective is hoping to change that.

(I actually looked Pective up in the dictionary expecting to find a meaning.)

First the Web site asks you to select your monitor size, from a 7″ – 30″. Then you can browse items from the homepage (featured and recent) in true-to-scale size. Next to each image you will find the following options:

– A checkmark to indicate if the size is accurate. (It’s good to have the community vote, but how many people will be truly certain that the item is sized properly?)

– An X-mark to state that the size is inaccurate.

– An exclamation mark to report abuse. (I’m guessing this would be the case if you took photos of your various body parts, whether they were true to size or not.)

– A percentage that will indicate the image’s accuracy. When hovered over, it will reveal how many up/down votes it has received.

And visitor may upload a photo to include, however you must have it hosted elsewhere and be able to provide the full URL. The site is relying on people to take head-on shots of items. More importantly, they’re depending on people to care.

Some of the uploaded make sense to me, others don’t. Why on earth would I care about the size of the Hindenburg or a cookie.

Yet, I do see where a full-size image of a gadget or even a cockroach could come in handy.

There aren’t many photos yet, and your help will be needed if you’d like this site to survive. It looks like it’s the brainchild of one person, as the ‘Contact Us’ link merely opens up an e-mail message.

If you like to know the actual size of things, check out Sizeasy too!