See Google’s Story Behind The Nexus One

Google has posted a series of five short films about the Nexus One, taking the viewer from original concept and design to a “day-in-the-life” of a Nexus One owner. I think you will find the films to be very informative, but I have to warn anyone who doesn’t already own a Nexus One that you might have a case of smartphone envy after watching them.

Each one of the films, which are no more than five minutes in length, conveys a simple message, to summarize what I got out of them:

Episode 1: The Nexus One is the result of integration of hardware and software to create a great user experience. I am particularly impressed with the explanation of the noise suppression technology for better phone calls.

Episode 2: One of the main features of the Nexus One is it’s high resolution screen and technology that provides a clear and bright display. This episode also emphasizes the improvements made to the user interface to delight users.

Episode 3: In this episode Google is emphasizing the testing done by HTC to ensure the durability of the Nexus One. While the testing provides a lot good video, I think it also makes a good point that I don’t think other phone manufacturers have emphasized, though I am sure all do the same type of testing.

Episode 4: Here you see how the Nexus One is manufactured by HTC. Video with robotic arms moving stuff around is cool in my book.

Episode 5: If Google is to release a commercial for the Nexus One, like their Super Bowl commercial, they ought to use this episode. I think it does an excellent job of showing all the ways one can use the phone during their day. Save the link for this episode and share with anyone who wants to know why they should get a smartphone.