Secrets of Deodorant Wearers Revealed

Oscar-winning filmmaker Jessica Yu’s most recent work is a far cry from her esoteric films. She’s directed an ad campaign for Proctor and Gamble’s Secret deodorant. The website invited women to be strong enough to share their secrets and then got some of them to reveal all on film, like a reality show. Like a really well-produced but boring reality show.

Yu’s participation is of no concern to FBLA–lots of directors make ads. But the premise is so icky–does P & G really think anyone’s going to buy pit juice based on hearing a young woman admit to her sister that she ratted her out to the ‘rents?

Yu says on the site:

Once the cameras started rolling, they completely forgot they were being filmed.

Sure–everyone sits around in pancake, with some HMIs and a 10K glaring down on them, surrounded by a few dozen strangers eating doughnuts in the shadows and confesses their darkest secrets. Cuz it’s cathartic to tell your best friend you did her brother. Last week. On her bed.

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