Secret Service Used Facebook To Learn Of Salahi Presidential Party Crashers

-Salahis Photo-Washington D.C. has been abuzz about the couple who crashed a Presidential party and proceeded to post photos of themselves on Facebook. Yesterday the secret service confirmed that they had used Facebook after the event to find out that the couple was not permitted to attend. The photos of the Salahis with Vice President Biden tipped off the Secret Service, which has come under fire in recent days.

The event has been a huge promotion for the couple who will be part of the soon to be released “Real Housewives of DC”. The couple is known to be shameless. According to a number of sources, the couple has gone so far as to use the America’s Polo Cup charity event to embezzle money. The event which is promoted as having been “patroned every year by the President of the United States”, has come under fire. According to the Washington Post:

[M]any sponsors listed by America’s Cup for 2010 — including Land Rover, Cartier, the St. Regis Hotel in Washington and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. — say they are not sponsors for that event. Many vendors in previous years said in interviews that the Salahis have not paid for their services in the event’s three-year history, expenses totaling about $500,000. Many have filed lawsuits, and the couple has countersued often. And there is no record of any president attending any of the polo cups.

Even further, the event’s beneficiary “reported that it received $18,608 in 2007”, far less than the hundreds of thousands generated by the event. The D.C.-based fraud ridden socialites were still able to bypass the Secret Service and gain entrance to the event. The Secret Service has since come under significant scrutiny, however yesterday President Obama emphasized his ongoing confidence in the organization’s capabilities.

This will most likely all breeze over in the next week and the Secret Service can move on with business as usual. The Salahis can also continue their ongoing pursuit of widespread media coverage, whether it’s good or bad.