‘Secret Man’ Sales Still Soft

Following up on a report earlier this month, it appears another round of BookScan numbers vouch for Bob Woodward‘s latest book not doing so hot.

So far, “The Secret Man,” has sold about 61,000 copies in its first five weeks–roughly one third the amount that Woodward’s last book, “Plan of Attack” sold in its first WEEK. Even if you adjust for the 35 percent undercounting that publishers allege Bookscan engenders, it’s only about 82,000 copies. (Of course, it’s roughly 61,000 copies more than Fishbowl’s nonexistent book has sold, but still “slow” is relative.)

According to the NYT, D.C.’s own Politics & Prose has only sold about 60 of the 400 copies it ordered. And, as they say, if a book like that ain’t selling at P&P, it ain’t selling. The numbers in Iowa City are even worse: Only four copies sold out of the 60 ordered.