Second Annual iVillage Entertainment Awards: Cast Your Votes

Voting is now under way for the Second Annual iVillage Entertainment Awards, which encourages visitors to the NBC Universal-owned women’s online destination to choose their favorites in categories including “Sexiest On-Screen Chemistry,” “Man You’d Trade Your Husband For,” “Most Welcome Celebrity Comeback,” “Star Who Makes Us Proud to Be a Woman,” “Female Star You’d Want as Your BFF,” and “Cutest Celebrity Mini-Me.”

The complete list of categories and nominations is available here, along with video, celebrity picks, and an interview with iVillage entertainment editor Serena Kappes, who said:

iVillage Entertainment is celebrating its best year yet, with traffic increasing in the triple-digits. As a go-to resource for everything Hollywood, we’re excited to bring celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive interviews to our soaring online community of millions. We know that our iVillage women can’t get enough of Angelina Jolie, The Real Housewives franchise, and Robert Pattinson, hate to love Snooki, and are fascinated with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s ultra-fabulous wedding. Our awards recognize the conversations that these stars, shows, and movies have jump-started.

Winners will be announced Feb. 22.