SEC going Hollywood?

We’re not sure what’s more brain-dead: The unlamentably-cancelled “Joey,” or the idea that a character like “Joey” could bring investor education to the masses.joey_d.jpg

Reuters reports that SEC commissioner Cynthia Glassman wants to insinuate stock savvy into sitcoms.

“If we can get story lines into sitcoms, it will draw in Middle America,” Glassman said in an interview with the wire service. For example, Glassman said she envisioned a story line on a show such as the canceled NBC sitcom “Friends,” in which the character Joey is befuddled by his 401k account and asks Monica and Chandler for help.


Right. This seems like a match made in heaven. The SEC doesn’t know what’s still on the air, and “Joey” is to teach America about asset allocation.

We predict that with this sort of expert economic stewardship, we’ll soon all be living in grass huts.

FishbowlLA’s Tip of the Day? Stock up on shotgun shells and cling peaches. Both will come in handy once the market crashes and the looting starts.