Seasonal Ads on Facebook Are More Effective Than Google’s

Data show big lifts for Back to School and holidays

Back To School and holiday season shoppers are more likely to click on seasonal ads on Facebook ads than on Google, according to Marin Software analysis. 

Marin aggregated data from $6 billion worth of clients' spend during 2013's third and fourth quarters and discovered that Facebook ads generally produced a greater jump in clicks than paid promos via Google. Marin recorded its clients' ad clicks for both platforms in January 2013 and then contrasted the numbers against Q3 and Q4 of that year to arrive at the percentages seen in the graphic below.

To be clear, Marin's researchers are not suggesting that Facebook ads are out-grossing Google's. But their work strongly suggests that Facebook has a greater element of seasonality.

July was the only month in which Google saw a bigger jump than its social competitor, per Marin's report.

When it comes to Back To School, a rep for the San Francisco-based company said it ascribes the findings "to Facebook's popularity among parents who use the platform to post photos of their kids' first days of school, etc."

Overall, July through December represent good times of the year for the sales teams at both digital giants. "Google sees a big run-up in clicks in Q4," the rep said. "Marin attributes this to Google's popularity as a product search engine during the holiday shopping season."

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