Seaside Hideaway on top of this week’s emerging Facebook games

Pow Games’s hidden object game Seaside Hideaway took the top spot on this week’s list of emerging Facebook games, up 22,532 monthly active users for a 33 percent increase.

Three foreign-language titles filled the top five games on this week’s list. The Malay-language Hantar Kad Raya Anda (“Submit Your Super Card”) took the No. 2 position with a gain of 21,404 MAU, up 115 percent. Ismole’s Chinese-language 忍者村 (“Ninja Village”) once again appears on the list, this time at No. 3 with 18,226 MAU for a 35 percent gain. Another Chinese-language title, 彈彈堂 – Efunfun繁體版 (“Bouncing the Church – Efunfun Traditional Edition”) came in at No. 4 with 13,646 MAU for a 29 percent increase. Finally, Nuukster’s Birdopolis rounded out the top five games with a gain of 11,089 MAU for a 16 percent swell.

Percentage-wise, most of the gains were relatively small this week, with only four games showing increases larger than 25 percent. From The Bench’s AC Milan Fantasy Manager took in 10,906 MAU for a 37 percent increase. IGG’s Chinese-language version of Galaxy Online II, 星際文明 免費策略星海爭霸網頁遊戲 發展,擴張,掠奪,謀略,艦船DIY,挑戰你的IQ (“Interstellar civilization free strategy StarCraft web game development, expansion, plunder, strategy, ship DIY challenge your IQ”) was up by 8,267 MAU for a 38 percent gain. Strategy game Universe Online brought in 6,531 MAU for a 186 percent increase. Finally, NTB Games’s The A Game was up by 6,405 MAU for a 27 percent increase.

1.  Seaside Hideaway90,000+22,532+ 33%
2.  Hantar Kad Raya Anda40,000+21,404+ 115%
3.  忍者村70,000+18,226+ 35%
4.  彈彈堂 – Efunfun繁體版60,000+13,646+ 29%
5.  Birdopolis80,000+11,089+ 16%
6.  AC Milan Fantasy Manager40,000+10,906+ 37%
7.  eRepublik90,000+10,505+ 13%
8.  Dynasty60,000+9,943+ 20%
9.  ChessCube Chess90,000+9,711+ 12%
10.  Journey of Moses80,000+9,383+ 13%
11.  FantaBook50,000+9,173+ 22%
12.  Color Cross Online50,000+9,131+ 22%
13.  Galaxy Online II Indonesia – Game Strategi Terbaik60,000+8,777+ 17%
14.  星際文明 免費策略星海爭霸網頁遊戲 發展,擴張,掠奪,謀略,艦船DIY,挑戰你的IQ ★★★★★30,000+8,267+ 38%
15.  Riding Club Championships70,000+7,677+ 12%
16.  The Grinns Tale80,000+7,557+ 10%
17.  KKBOX 猜歌王70,000+7,395+ 12%
18.  Play & Win70,000+6,672+ 11%
19.  Universe Online10,034+6,531+ 186%
20.  The A game™30,000+6,405+ 27%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.