Scripting Tweet For Event Participants Backfires On PR Firm

You may have heard that Nokia had a PreParty for the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award Show (ESPYS). And if you did, we bet your heard it was “pretty awesome.”

Why do we think this? Because a PR firm made a big boo boo and asked athletes to send out a tweet saying as much, probably never expecting they would all send the same exact tweet – quotes and all.

So if you check out the #NokiaPreParty hashtag, you’ll agree that the tweets are . . . pretty awesome. Sorry, had to do that.

Here’s the original tweet sent out to athletes by the PR person (from

And after seeing this same tweet pop up countless times, and many times with the quotes still attached, folks caught on and hilarity ensued (and is still going on, if you want to check it out). Here are a few:

Goes to show how dangerous tweet-scripting can be. Hard lesson for this PR rep. Hopefully others will learn from it! What could the PR rep have done instead? Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Ask participants to tweet while at the event and use the designated #hashtag.
  • Offer some written guidelines for novice tweeters (not scripted tweets) – and not in a “copy/paste” format.

Beyond that, the rep should have been paying attention and could have latched on to the buzz generated by the gaffe, adopting #chillin and #awesome for the event as well. Laughing at yourself in such a public forum is really hard though.

What advice you add to the list, in hindsight?

(Oh no image from Shutterstock)