ScreenShare Beta Lets Your Android Tablet Act as a Monitor for Your Smartphone

Spring Design is a California start up who last gained attention for an unsuccessful dual screen ereader, the Spring Design Alex. This company is back in the public eye again this week with a new app which lets you use an Android tablet as a second screen for an Android smartphone.

The app is called ScreenShare, and it’s still in beta. But as you can see in the following demo video, this app will connect most tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth or Wifi.

Spring Design has also released a few apps which cooperate with ScreenShare, including SpringMail and SpringNet, a web browser.

ScreenShare, SpringNet, and SpringMail beta are all free and can be downloaded from Google Play. Note that while SpringMail is free during the beta period Spring Design does plan to charge a buck for the app after the beta period.

via BetaNews