Scottish Library Releases its First eBook

The South Ayrshire Library joined the growing digital publishing community on Friday with the publication of its first eBook.

Records of the Ayrshire Militia
is a digital reprint of an old local history book. The book chronicles an 80 year history of the Ayrshire Militia, and it’s based on the logbooks kept from 1802 to 1884, and it’s currently available on for the Kindle as well as a paper book.

This eBook should be of particular interest to a military history buff: “In particular it chronicles the regiment’s Napoleonic War service in Scotland, England and Ireland from 1803 until 1816, using contemporary journal entries. During the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars with France, which lasted almost continuously from 1793 until 1815, the British regular army found itself stretched to the limit at home and abroad. …  In the late nineteenth century (by which time militia service had become voluntary) Ayrshire’s militia became part of the Royal Scots Fusiliers, and it maintained a distinct identity within that regiment until 1919.”


image by Skygge (SVH666)