Scottevest Hoodie

If you carry a lot gadgets and not heard of Scottevest, then you are in for a treat. Many gadget lovers suffer for the lack of pockets, and what Scottevest sells are jackets, vests, sweatshirts, and shirts with lots of pockets. I recently bought the Scottevest Cotton Hoodie that I have been enjoying very much.

The Hoodie has 13 pockets and is very comfortable, even when the pockets are full. Most Scottevest products include a system for securing headset wires inside the garment so that you can walk around without having the wire dangling outside your clothes. The Hoodie has two clear view, zippered pockets on the chest that I use for my cell phone and MP3 player.

You will also find two large hand pockets in the Hoodie, which include two small change pockets that are secured by velcro. The hand pockets have magnetic closures and during a recent stay at a hotel I did have issues with the hotel door key being messed up by the magnets, so I suggest being careful handling cards with magnetic strips in these pockets.

Where Scottevest products really shine is traveling through airports. With all of gadgets that I use secured in the pockets of my Hoodie, I just took the Hoodie off and put it in one of the bins for the x-ray scanner. Once I got through the security line, I just picked up my Hoodie and put it back on and went on my way. The Hoodie was also very convenient while on the airplane as I had everything I needed in in easy to reach pockets.

At $70 the Scottevest Hoodie is more expensive than most hoodies that you find, but the added convenience of the pockets provide makes the purchase more than worthwhile. Scottevest products are available for purchase on their web site.